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We Raised Startup Capital For Sendtask

Dieses Artikel wurde zuerst in Startup Ticker veröffentlicht. Sie können das Original hier sehen. Sendtask heisst das App, dank dem Tasks einfach verschickt, verwaltet und organisiert werden können. Dahinter steckt die erst Anfang 2017 gegründete SIRLOIN AG von Seriengründer Cédric Waldburger. Das Start-up schloss eine Finanzierungsrunde über eine halbe Million Franken ab. Erst Anfang 2017 ...

[Interview] Talking To Siftery About Sendtask

This interview was first published on Siftery. You can see the original here. Sendtask is the easiest way to manage projects directly from your email. It improves how you collaborate online without having to move the whole team to new and complex software packages. Sendtask lets you assign tasks to anyone using email — then automatically ...

How We Give Each Other Feedback At Sendtask

I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled at Sendtask. I truly believe that each and everyone of us is an expert in their domain. But when we hire, our first priority is not skillset, it is attitude. Attitude is both more important for a team’s success and much harder to acquire than skills.

How We Came Up With The Idea For Sendtask

The idea for Sendtask developed over time. Here’s how it shifted into its current form. The four (unconnected) dimensions of productivity apps About two years ago I started thinking about my frustration with how unconnected my productivity apps are. I think most productivity tools can be attributed to one of four core categories: Communication, Scheduling, ...

The Tools We Use At Sendtask At Sendtask, we are a fully distributed team, meaning there’s no office and no two people in the same place. To keep everyone in sync, we use a variety of tools. These are the five tools we use the most often:

How To Use Sendtask To Keep A List Of Writing Ideas

About 30 days ago, I challenged myself to write every single day. Writing is something I have always struggled with and I needed to find a way to make writing easier for myself. I have since written an article, an interview or other long form text every day.

This Is Why Your Agency Should Use Sendtask

Hubspot I started my first business when I was 14 years old. It was – and still is – an agency business. We started mediasign by building websites, designing logos and printing business cards for our clients. I think everyone’s first business should be a service business. It allows you to make mistakes without ruining ...

How To Get Your Team Onto Sendtask

Some of our users have asked us for tips on how to onboard the rest of their team. Here’s a best practice guide for how to onboard your team onto Sendtask: #1. Motivation Start with why you want your team to use Sendtask and move away from Email (or other non-task means of communication). 

What Drives A Distributed Company – The Vision And Mission Statement

Communication is key in any business. But in a remote setup, it becomes even more crucial to have everyone on the same page. At Sendtask, we spend the first day of every retreat on the Vision and Mission of the company. On one hand, we want to make sure our strategy and actions are aligned. ...

Six Tips For Your Startup Board Meeting

I’ve sat in board meetings on both sides of the table – both as a founder and as an investor. It feels like there are countless articles, books and whole blogs dedicated to various parts of the startup life. Yet, in my experience, there’s very little written about startup board meetings, which are crucial for ...

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